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Voyage - Voyage

“Voyage, Voyage.” addresses the journey that we all take in life not only through worldly travels, but also by experiencing the passage of time and aging, in which images, memories softly disappear.


As women, we have to accept that our body, our skin is changing, modifying, reflecting traces of time, or hardship and aging. Over the years, the canvas became a representation of my skin, of a woman's skin. Perfection is a myth, but beauty can reveal itself in different ways. In this series, wrinkles have metamorphosed into lines, and pleats on the canvas surface. 

A Table !

“A table !”. It’s my mum, calling us for dinner.

Food become a metaphor for the nature of communication between people. Applications of paint are important to my process and relate to the various personalities and reactions of dinner guests. Manipulating the surface texture distorts the image. What was once there, is now gone, destroyed. Rips and holes appear in the surface revealing what is hidden behind the façade, not being said. Mirrors allow the viewer to contribute, in their own way, to the discussions. Bon appétit ! 


I use the square like a matrix, helping me to structure or deconstruct the surface. The square is a balanced shape that can stand-alone. It suggests both an open window conveying a sense of freedom, and conversely, a confining box that represents the roles in which we may feel stuck.

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